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Let's bring good to crypto.
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The e-currency charity platform.
Bringing good to the world of cryptocurrencies and ICOs.
Introducing the world's first ICO charity mechanism built on blockchain.
90% of the funds go directly to carefully selected, audited and well known causes (via their dedicated ETH wallet), 9% is held for further distribution and 1% goes to development and community building aimed at raising more funds. And more good to go around! Everything happens transparently and immediately.
Show generosity
and inspire others!
Companies and individuals will be able to show their level of social engagement by communicating the number of SAINT coins owned wherever they wish.
Show your activism and build up your reputation. And spread the word about good works that deserve recognition!
Practice generosity
during your ICO!
Include the SAINT coin wallet address in your smart contract and/or ICO to let investors support good around the world. Share your success, pay the "good tax" and endorse charitable aid in the cryptocurrency community!
To bring good into the
cryptocurrencies ICO reality.
To become a global decentralised
charity platform allocating part
of the cryptocurrency ICO market growth to trustworthy social causes. 
The Saint Principles
The world needs to be fixed.
The postmonetary revolution accumulates
wealth that is not distributed evenly, here is an
opportunity to redistribute on a micro-level.
The crypto reality owes it to the world
to regulate itself tax-wise.
Current world charity and support systems
are inefficient and lack of transparency.
At least 1% of crypto income and wealth
growth should be redistributed to urgent
causes that affect significant populations.
Crypto owners need an immediate, direct
and transparent way to support urgent social
and environmental causes7. Good-doing
has to become an inalienable, systemic
part of the world of crypto and ICOs.
Good-doing has to become an inalienable,
systemic part of the world of crypto and ICOs.
Smart contract ready and tested
Multiple causes pool introduction
Causes wallet access transfer
Causes entry process democratised
Q3.2018 A.I.
Introduction for causes indication
SAINT coins sales start
SAINT Foundation legal entity
Causes voting system introduction
Quarterly reporting commences
In the near future, SAINT coin will become a universal cryptocurrencies charity platform for
a multitude of causes. The goal is for the SAINT coin wallet address to become an intrinsic element of as many smart contracts and ICO launches as possible. Together we will be able to redirect small parts of cryptocurrency profits to supporting charitable works!
Krzysztof Gagacki
Crystal Rose
Maciek Żakowski
Joshua Hong
Maja Vujinovic
Zbigniew Kostrzewa
Mariusz Mac
Łukasz Majewski
Robert Rhodin
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